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My underwear doesn’t have to match. I don’t have to shave my legs for you. My tits are not yours to cover up. I’ll get whatever the fuck I want tattooed. I’ll go shirtless if I feel like it. I’ll wear a balaclava if I feel like it. I’ve only got two parents and both of them recognize my independence. See, the part you are missing is that I’m a human being and not property. Stop telling girls what they can and can’t do, they are not yours to own. If your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t like your body and what you do with it, let them find another one. If they tell you you’re fat, grab your pudge in the mirror and tell yourself you are fucking fabulous. If they tell you that your piercing is stupid, rip theirs out. If they tell you that you can’t have your tits out, ask them where the deed to your body is hidden so you can burn it. Stop being nice to people who offend you. If you’re angry, let them have it. You don’t owe anyone a smile and a polite nod.

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